Size 2 TRAM

After a number of years of slow work I have completed the design and manufacture of a size 2 TRAM that supports an INMOS transputer and memory.

Size 2 TRAM – Transputer + 4MB memory

The TRAM specification is as follows

  • Size 2 TRAM format
  • 4 Layer board, ground plane on second layer
  • All through hole components (No Surface Mount)
  • No PLD’s so no programming
  • 1 Transputer socket supporting T4/T8xx devices
  • ZIP20 memory supporting TC514400 (4Mb) or TC514256 (1Mb)
  • Link speed jumper selectable 10/20Mbit/sec
  • Transputer speed jumper selectable per the speeds supported by the selected device

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