Netra T1125

The Netra T1125 is a UltraSPARC II based Sun Microsystems machine. It is rack mountable and designed for the telco market. My understanding is that it is basically a Sun Ultra60. I am using at as X11 terminal and machine to do general UNIX work from when in the workshop.

Currently running Solaris 8 this machine has the following specification

  • 1x UltraSPARC II @ 480Mhz
  • 1GB Memory
  • 1x 18Gig SCSI Drive
  • 2x SunPCi II cards
  • 1x Sun Gigabit adapter
  • 1x Graphics adapter

Solaris 8 Desktop with the 2x SUN PCi II Cards running DOS and WindowsXP Install.
OBP Commands to set the CPU Speed.

interesting to note that the 480Mhz CPU modules are supported in this machine although you do need to tell the machine via OBP that you have one installed. Unfortunately the 8Mb cache on these CPU’s only comes through as 4Mb.

Commands are as follows. All commands are entered at the OBP boot prompt.

  • also hidden
  • d# 455 at-speed ( I had to do this as if I jumped straight to 480 the machine lockedup…might be something in that)
  • d# 480 at-speed
  • banner (to show the change)

This could be put into nvramrc to make sure it is always there at power on.

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