I started out on Sun 3 hardware. At one time I had in my collection

  • Sun 3/50
  • Sun 3/60
  • Sun 3/110
  • Sun 3/260 – with the 286 PC Card
  • Sun 4/260 – with ALM1 Card
  • Sun 3/450

Unfortunately for some mad reason I elected to give them away…..

To this day I still collect old Sun Hardware.

Current collection consists of

  • Sun SPARCClassic
  • Sun SPARC 2
  • Sun SPARC 5
  • 2x Sun SPARC 20
  • Sun Ultra Enterprise 4000

lots of different SBUS Cards including presto, PCMCIA, Transputer Link, Composite Video, Frame Buffers, e4k CPU boards.

If you have old Sun Hardware that you are looking to part with please make contact via the contact page.

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